Leadership Team

Art to Zero began in 2019 with three veteran visual arts workers talking about the possibility of our shared professional space aligning with an environmentally sustainable future. These conversations led to transcribing a shared vision on climate action for the visual arts.  Sharing and shaping that vision—both with longtime colleagues and new-found allies—led to formalizing Art to Zero in 2020,  weeks before the onset of the pandemic.

We seek to normalize daily climate conversations amongst our visual arts peers,expanding this network as we evolve into translators, weaving climate action into everyfabric of our operations.  

Art to Zero values collaboration, community and innovation, as we collectively create a path toward a net zero future that is equitable, inclusive and just.

Zero is the beginning...

Charlotte Perrottey
Ellen Langan
Zach Miner


Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the visual art's just transition to a net-zero emissions future.

We build capacity for visual arts organizations—of all types and sizes—to take action on climate. Art to Zero engages directly to develop and implement climate action plans, providing access to resources and to discovering solutions.

We build community by facilitating cross-sector knowledge-sharing and collaboration, while advancing education and innovation through partnerships with climate + sustainability leaders.

Global Coalition Partners

Art to Acres
Gallery Climate Coalition
Ki Culture
Galleries Commit
Art + Climate Action SF

Organizational Partners

Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability

Advisory Circle

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