Resources by Practice Area:
01. Buildings + Energy
02. Shipping
03. Materials + Waste
04. Travel
05. Community + Audience


Buildings + Energy

NYC Building + Energy Resources

NYC Retrofit Accelerator
Launched in 2012 by the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability, works across the five boroughs to build a cleaner future by lowering pollution and carbon emissions.  Resources on how to save energy and water, trainings, events, sustainability compliance, information about legislation, and the nyc carbon challenge live here. 

NYC Incentive Programs for Building-Energy Reduction
ConEd Commercial Direct Install/ Small Medium Business Program: Offers free energy survey to determine incentives for lighting and HVAC at commercial properties. 

PACE Financing
For commercial properties, this program offers low interest loans with little to no capital upfront cost, 20-30 year terms and payments are embedded into property taxes.  

NYC Capital grants (for non-profit institutions)

The Zero Tool’s Building Energy Measurement, From SME Climate Hub. The Zero Tool provides baselines and targets for existing buildings and building designs in the US and Canada. It also lets you compare your building’s performance to similar buildings, and visualize how your building achieves its current energy performance.

The Landlord-Tenant Energy Partnership
Source: Institute for Market Transformation , courtesy SME Climate Hub

Temperature Regulation Standards Revision Research

The Bizot Green Protocol
There is general agreement within the international museums community that it is time to shift policies for environmental control, loan conditions and the guidance given to architects and engineers from the prescription of close control of ambient conditions throughout buildings and exhibition galleries to a more mutual understanding of the real conservation needs of different categories of object, which have widely different requirements and may have been exposed to very different environmental conditions in the past.The Bizot Group—the group of the world's leading museums—agreed the Bizot Green Protocol in 2015.

Image Permanence Institute
Sustainability Preservation Practices

Energy Use Reduction Resources

Actions to Conserve Energy at the Office, a Checklist From the Office of Energy Efficiency + Renewable Energy

Energy Star Portfolio Manager, from the US EPA, helps companies track energy use, waste generation and water consumption 

Energy Star Office Tips for Small Businesses

Energy Star Product List

Measurement Tools for this Practice Area

Berkeley Cool Climate

Building Energy Exchange LL97 Calculator

Art World Offset aggregated links


Shipping + Logistics

For Shippers

EDF's Green Freight Handbook

from SME Climate Hub

Innovators in Crating and Packing



Green Crates by Miekle/New York City crate reuse resource

A Sustainable Packing Resource Center

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Resources

Shippers with Emissions Offset Programs + Sustainable Missions

ARTA’s White Paper on the impact of shipping on the environment


Spotlight From ICEFAT:  How Artex is addressing Sustainability


Materials + Waste


Partner Link: Ki Culture Waste + Materials Handbook
Art to Zero Peer Review

Partner Link: From Galleries Commit, The Barder Resource Center   

Provides online tools (including a project carbon calculator) and advocates for sustainable systems thinking in the visual communication design community.

NYC Compost Resource: BK Rot
One third of New Yorkers’ trash is compostable.  NYC’s first bike operated waste-hauling/compost  program also provides accessible  jobs to young climate leaders.  Great for Brooklyn-based artists studios.  Also offers home pick up. (Manhattan service not yet available)  

Art to Zero’s Procurement Policy Guide for Exhibition Planning + Daily Operations - Forthcoming 

Art to Zero’s Artist Books + Catalogs in the 21st Century: Publishing Sustainably  - Forthcoming (co-published with New York Consolidated)




Climate Action within Your Commute

Julie’s Bicycle Business Travel Guide

Statistics on the Positive Impact of
VIdeoConferencing within Teams

Art to Zero’s Climate-Responsible Travel Guide for an Industry on the Move (Forthcoming)


Community + Audience


Understanding Climate: Art to Zero’s  Language Glossary
Short form
Long form version

Agents of Change: Building an Internal Climate Action Network
Coming 2021

The Climate Goals for NYC:  Know the Legislation  

Partner link: Ki Culture’s Sustainability in Conversation  - Coming Soon

Julie’s Bicycle Communicating Sustainability Guide

From the EPA, How to Engage with Suppliers on Climate

Make a Climate Commitment

These partners have opportunities to join their networks and collectively make emissions reduction commitments for the next decade and beyond.

Gallery Climate Coalition
Started in London by a collective of gallerists, this initiative focuses on the commercial art sector to half operational emissions by 2030.

SME Climate Hub
A pioneering global initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the We Mean Business coalition and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, SME is a one stop shop for small and medium sized businesses around the globe to take climate action. Nonprofit and institutional actors are welcome to commit.

Emergency Declaration Initiatives for Our Sector

Culture Declares

Business Declares

B Lab UK’s
How to Declare a Climate Emergency, from SME Climate Hub